How We Serve You

Like the diverse life in and around Shasta County, our clients come to us in all shapes and sizes and with a unique set of circumstances, dreams, and goals. Here are some examples of the types of clients we serve, some of the questions we can address, and what we might provide for them and for you. If you don't see yourself here, reach out to us, and we can discuss your situation in specific detail.

Families with large estates

    • What investments make the most sense during my lifetime and that of my heirs?
    • How can I protect and preserve what I have worked so hard for?
    • How do I leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren?
    • Will my heirs have to pay estate taxes?
    • How can I avoid estate taxes?  

As the trusted Investment Advisor and CPA for family trusts and estates, we help clients with the administration of preparing estate tax returns, ongoing fiduciary income tax returns, properly investing assets according to their needs, and eventually, dissolving and distributing the remaining assets to beneficiaries.

Investing for income

    • How can my nest egg give me more income?
    • How can I have more income and pay fewer taxes?
    • How can I earn more than the bank is paying and without taking too much risk?
    • Are my investments keeping up with the cost of living?  

Interest rates are still historically low. Knowing what to invest in for higher income is only half the problem. Knowing how much risk you are taking is just as important.

For more than twenty years, our clients have trusted us to invest their money to meet their needs. Whether you need tax-free income, tax- deferred income, or more income, we can help your money work harder so that you can maintain the lifestyle you have grown accustomed to without worrying about outliving your money.

Nearing retirement

    • How do I roll over my company retirement plan?
    • Can I draw monthly income from my retirement plan?
    • How can I control my retirement savings?
    • Have I saved enough money to retire?
    • How much longer will I have to work before I can retire?
    • When and how much do I have to take from my retirement account?  

Whether you are still working, are retiring early, or are a seasoned citizen, the forms, paperwork, and options to choose from can be daunting. We work for you to help you understand your options and make the correct choices to achieve your goals. We handle the entire rollover process, keeping you abreast of every step.


    • How can I make sure I don't outlive my savings?
    • How can I pay less income tax?
    • How can I earn more than the bank is paying and not take too much risk?
    • Are my investments too risky?
    • Are my investments keeping up with the cost of living?

Our investment philosophy is guided by you. We work for you, and our job is to use all of our resources to help you understand all of your investment options, so that you can make informed decisions.

Business owners

    • What is the right retirement plan for my business?
    • Am I saving enough to retire with dignity?
    • How can I protect what I have worked so hard to build?
    • What kind of insurance protection do I need?
    • Would my business be better off as a corporation, an S-corp, LLC, LLP, or sole proprietorship?  

Morris Wealth Management is a locally owned small business. We understand the feeling that you might be overlooking something that could bring more to the bottom line and smaller checks to the IRS. As a Certified Public Accountant and Financial Advisor, we have helped small business owners implement practical solutions for more than twenty years.